Our firm, that eventually increases its capacity and improves quality of the productions by following closely molding technology, has produced almost 2500 gabarite, plastic and bakelite mold by using most up to date systems.

For molding, we are using Solidworks 2010, Auton as a CAD programs, and Unigrafix as a CAM program with licenses. After sensitively evaluation request of our customers, we determine which type of runner, steel choice, design input requirements will be. Then, with the preparation of mould file, the work will be ordered. When production is done, the sample is produced and presented to the customer.



In our plastic injection department, we are carefully prepare the moulds with 60-400 ton forces of unit clamping, in consideration of our customer's demands under the "teknikel quality standards".

Our products are delivered on time, with affordable prices, without compromising our quality. The moulds, that we have approved, go to injection department. After composing the production cards they go into production.



Combined with years of experience, we submit the production of bakelite parts to you, where are produce in bakelite injection molding machines at various weights up to 1200 gr. We are proud to serve our customers with our injection machine, which have up 300 to 400 ton forces of its unit clamping.



Variety productions with eccentric presses, which have up 35 tons to 60 tons force, as well as, in pots and pans industry, we have per day 150,000 units production capacity with plate blending machines for special-purpose.

Branch Office: İkitelli Organize Sanayi Mah. Süleyman Demirel Blv. Yuser İş Merkezi No: 33/9 Kat 3 Başakşehir, İst.

Telephone: +90(212)540-4054 / +90(212)624-0502- Fax: +90(212)424-6790