In 1990, When Our firm was established as "Teknikel Machine Mould Manufacturing Industry", has been serving mould manufacturing to various sector, then has become "Teknikel Machine Mould Industry Trade Limited Company" in 1995.

Mainly produces mould and custom plastic-metal for electrical equipment firms, and kitchen utensils (pots, pans and kitchen electric appliances) manufacturers, while in 2005 our firm has started manufacturing flame guard and core.

Our company is carrying out investments in information technology by compliance with the terms of the day, in accordance with its principles, fulfills request of our customers as soon as possible, at most favorable conditions.

The elusion from among our competitor by performing rapidly own improving due to that we value at R&D.

In our R&D design units is being followed closely the technological developments, also directly contributed improving of these technologies by our engineers team. we care about delivering innovations to the sector with regard to Technological advantages and functional properties of the products , as well as design features. creating innovation in products and processes, innovate at products and process. Our company considers as an important differentiation  in the design subject, shows its claim by moving on and growing in this area.

We are dedicating average of 5% of the turnover to R&D design expenditure as Teknikel in a year. These investments symbolizes passion of design machines, that have production process with their own technology. Teknikel moving rapidly towards its competitive position and becoming a world-class company in its field.

Branch Office: İkitelli Organize Sanayi Mah. Süleyman Demirel Blv. Yuser İş Merkezi No: 33/9 Kat 3 Başakşehir, İst.

Telephone: +90(212)540-4054 / +90(212)624-0502- Fax: +90(212)424-6790